How to grant free access to your Karta membership


I see this question get asked often by Kartra users – can I give someone access to my [ course, membership, product, etc. ] for free?

And it can be confusing because in Kartra you can’t create a “free product” in My Products – with good reason, a Product in Kartra is built to tell Kartra how to take payment from someone for something. So the minimum amount for a Product would be $1.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t give access to your thing for free – you absolutely can by using a Form.

With a Form you can create an automation – so for example if you have a course or monthly membership set up in Kartra you can create an automation that “when a lead fills form, grant access to Membership,” or if you have your product on a protected page you can set the Form up to Tag the lead with the Tag that allows them to access that protected page, or you can simply send a link to the thing you are giving them right within the Welcome Message of the form.

To grant free access to your Membership through a Kartra Form.

  1. Create your form in My Forms

  2. In the Automations step, under Advanced Automations, add a new automation that is “If lead fills form Then grant access to membership

  3. Add your Form onto a Page and share that page link with whomever you want to give free access to! That’s it!

On the other hand…

If you have existing Leads in Kartra that you want to grant access to without making them have to opt into a new form, you can go to My Communications, Leads, click the three dots to filter, select the Leads you want to give access to, and then click on Action – here you can Grant Access to Membership, Subscribe to Sequence, or even just Email these Leads (and a Broadcast will pop up so you can send them an email with whatever it is you’re giving them).

Easy peasy!


How to grant free access toy our Kartra Membership?