Hello, my Kartra-loving (or hoping-to-love-Kartra) friend!

I’m Danielle, “the Kartra Coach,” and I am so glad you found me!

I help business owners gain clarity, avoid tech overwhelm, develop seriously impressive marketing strategy and then easily implement it in Kartra – all while having fun, taking action and staying accountable – so they can launch or scale online!

You can consider me your:

  • accountability partner

  • hand-holder

  • creative-problem-solver

  • tech simplifier

  • strategic genius

  • and marketing secret weapon

I can help you:
  • tackle the tech without stress or overwhelm
  • build the funnel that best fits your goals
  • learn how to edit, manage and analyze a funnel you already have
  • set up your Kartra account correctly
  • troubleshoot anything in Kartra
  • improve your funnel to maximize conversions
  • market successfully online while still “feeling like yourself” and not being weird or pushy or like everyone else
  • stop chasing the shiny new thing, focus on the things that matter, and simplify to get things done

My Story

I know how to do the “techy-markety” stuff that entrepreneurs and small business owners need to know, because I am one! 

In my entrepreneurial journey I have sold hand-crafted items (both in person and in online shops I built myself), done freelance graphic and web design (self taught), created blogs and written books to promote affiliate products, was a network marketing leader for a few years, and then stumbled upon funnel marketing. 

I had been an online entrepreneur for many years as a side hustle, had just lost my 9-5 (I was a Human Resources Manager at a country club, and I hated it) and was in a position to either “sink or swim” with making money online.

I spent $5k with an agency that built a funnel for me on Clickfunnels, and I started down the rabbit hole of learning everything about why funnels work, how to build them, how to make them beautiful and functional and impressive… but I really didn’t like CF at all (as a software or a community).

So I went in search of a CF alternative and found Kartra. I moved my funnel over to Kartra and did what I do best – taught myself how to master it. I became an active community member of the Kartra (Official) facebook group.

I was happily answering questions where I could, sharing what I was learning and doing…

As I like to say, “if I know something, so will you.”

Sharing knowledge and mentoring others kind of just comes naturally to me. If I know the answer and can help, I’m not going to hold back. And I think that’s what resonates with people.

Soon, other Kartra users started to reach out to me, asking if I could teach them how to do the things I was doing.

And there it was – the lightbulb moment – I saw the opportunity to take something that I love to do (strategy and tech stuff) and turn that into a business helping other entrepreneurs build, launch or scale their own businesses so they could do something they love!

And so I “set up shop.”

I started out by validating my offer with a very simple tech stack, getting early results and testimonials, and then building out my funnel from there. The same way I coach my clients to do. And in that first month of “going full time” as a coach I met the financial goal I had set for myself. In a few months’ time I was earning more than I had at my job. I hit my first six figures in 14 months. 

My business has given me financial freedom, time freedom and the ability to do the things I enjoy doing and work in a way that feels right to me. That’s part of the magic of being an online business owner, don’t you think?

Whether you need help getting started online or you are looking to take your business to the next level, I can help you to do it. 

I can make the strategy and the tech easy to understand and implement so you can focus on doing what you love to do.

My Family

Some Fun Facts About Me

  • I started my first business at 13 years old.

  • My Dad was an entrepreneur and a big inspiration for me. He passed away when I was 14, but I know he’d be so proud of what I’ve accomplished.

  • My Mom is my best friend and one of the smartest people I know.

  • I studied at six colleges before I graduated with my bachelors degree in psychology. 🎓

  • …but three of those colleges were before I graduated from high school. 🤓

  • I live in northern New Jersey – home of the best bagels and pizza (although there was this one pizza shop in Amberg, Germany that I still dream about, if I’m being really honest with you), beautiful beaches (which we call “down the shore”), and a short trip over the bridge to NYC.

  • I have one daughter, Savannah, who is 17 (I still can’t believe that – my baby!) and four stepdaughters who are grown young women – two of whom have sons of their own (so I’m a bonus grandma, which is cool)

  • I was a military spouse years ago and we were stationed in Germany when Savannah was just 8 months old. 🇩🇪 🥨 She has more stamps in her passport than a lot of adults I know! 

  • I love animals. My pets are family (that’s Holly with me in the pic). Gamzee, my cat, spends a lot of time as my office buddy while I’m working, we have a guinea pig named Ms. Piggy, and I’m a bit of a “crazy fish lady” who loves sharing photos of my aquarium. New editions to our crew are our rescue pup, Honey (named after Honey Chandler in the Bosch novels), and two parakeets, Mojito and Tequila. 

  • I am a work smarter, not harder kinda gal. I love to teach and I’m a genius-level problem solver when it comes to tech and marketing strategy. Making marketing your business easier for you, is kinda my jam.

Dream big, work hard, stay focused & surround yourself with good people.

Ready to fast track your way to marketing success?