Using LivePic by Marketer Magic with Kartra

Have you ever seen an email come through that has a picture and it has your name on it, or another dynamic, custom variable – and you’re like, wow, how did that even happen? That’s kind of magical. I’m going to show you how to do that inside of your Kartra account so that you can send out a custom image with your leads name in it through Kartra. Here we go.

So I’ll show you this one that I sent myself. It has an image of the Blackboard and it says, “hello, Danielle” right in it. Let’s dive in. I’m going to use an app called marketer magic for this, and we are going to use live pic by Marketer Magic.

The first step is going to be to choose your image. There are a bunch of demo images in there that you can choose from this chalkboard (shown in the video above) is one of them, but you can also upload any custom image that you would like.

You can upload an image of you holding a whiteboard or a chalkboard here that has the person’s name on it. You can do any type of branded image that works for you, and you can upload it right into live pic.

The next step, once you’ve got your image chosen is we’re going to go to personalize your image.

Add the snippet text. Snippet text is what is going to go onto the image that is custom. This could just be their first name. It could be a little note, it can be whatever you need it to be here.

For demo, we’re going to keep this super simple. It says hello and then it has the first name of the person.

Now where it says, choose your platform.

You’re going to choose custom because it doesn’t have Kartra as one of the built-in ones that it knows the short codes for it, but that’s okay because we’re going to get our own.

You will use the custom variable from Kartra. For first name it is {first_name}

So copy that and paste it into Live Pic and click Add.

So once you have that all setup, you’re going to click on generate code and live pic is going to do its magic.

We are going to use HTML and all you need to do is click on it, to copy to your clipboard. Then we’re going to go into a Kartra email.

To test, we are going to send ourselves an actual test broadcast, just to see how this works. Once you’ve done this one time, you’ll know that it works. And I know that you don’t want to send out a broadcast or a sequence to your list without knowing for sure that this magic happens.

This is a cool trick that maybe some of you don’t even know how to do, which is to send yourself or just one lead a broadcast.

  1. Go to Leads, click the magnifying glass to search for the name of the lead you’re looking for. In this case it’s myself.
  2. Click the dot next to the lead to select the lead.
  3. In the top right, click Action and then Email these users.
  4. Create the broadcast.
  5. Make sure that we’re in our basic editor.

We cannot use the advanced builder for this. We have to use basic, and              we’re going to click in the editor bar. We’re going to click on source.

Then paste in that code. We click on source again, and then you were                actually going to see the image and you’re going to see our snippet: “Hello,        and then the first name goes here.”

 6. Then send email. Only the Lead(s) that you selected will receive that               Broadcast. It’s the perfect way to send yourself an actual live email rather than a Test email, which doesn’t pull variable information.

There it is. You can see that the subject line is “hello, Danielle.” And then we’re going to open it up and inside of our image, it says, “hello, Danielle” just like magic.

You can put that code into an email that comes in a sequence after somebody opts-in for more information on my list or opts-in for a freebie or wherever you really want to have this email sent out.

It’s going to pull the short code and so everyone is going to get a custom image in their email from you.

Imagine how impressed they’ll be that you made this image with their name right on it!

To give this a try you’ll first need a Kartra account (click for a 14 day trial) and then also a Marketer Magic account! (use code Magic50 to get 50% off your account)

How To Send A Customized Image in Kartra



How to send a customized image in Kartra?