“Funnelize” Your Facebook Get It Done Week Profiles

I recently held a Get It Done Week for my “Funnelize” Your Facebook training, and I am super excited to share the members of the group who submitted their optimized profiles (you’ve got to go and check them out):

Rachel Ramey – I help Christian homemakers who want to have God-glorifying homes but who are struggling to juggle “all the things.”

Noleen Sliney – Noleen Sliney is a Video & Visibility Mentor. She helps impact-led entrepreneurs to maximise their video visibility to magnetise 5-star clients and impact millions by bringing out their presence and promoting their personal branding through video and feel confident to be visible and excited to hit the go-live button.

Beth Krause – I work with individuals who are struggling to find answers for their chronic health issues that no one else is addressing or just wants to prescribe another pharmaceutical. I look at labs from a functional lens and can see things that can give my clients the whole story.

Ange Gos – I’m a Cybersecurity Expert with security certifications, training and years of experience, but what I love most is helping online entrepreneurs, especially women and marginalized people, protect themselves, their businesses, and their families at the highest levels of security possible.

Kelly Brown – My passion is helping busy individuals simplify their wellness journey and achieve optimal health with my 10 week Simple Self Wellness Metabolic and Lifestyle Reboot. Whether you’re a working professional, busy parent, or someone just trying to live your best life, I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way. All while keeping it simple!

Julie Larsen – Hi, I am Julie Larsen and I train mamas to become a doula through Catholic Doula Program. I am the only Catholic based training program online. I also offer childbirth classes for parents and continuing education for doulas and mamas. 

Anna-Lisa – I help women over 40 get their energy back and lose stubborn weight so that they can fit into their treasured clothes and start feeling like themselves again. I run the Thyroid Energy Reset Program which is designed for busy people who “Have tried it all”, are ready to permanently lose excess weight, gain youthful energy, & have more clarity and confidence than ever before. Finally answers.

Tracy Highberger – Busy moms to have their hair and family ‘s hair done easily and healthier

Keta – I am a Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism, & Hormones Expert+Speaker I Help women overcome ☝️ so they can lose stubborn weight+restore their energy+ mental clarity!

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