Why I Recommend Always Using an Unsubscribe Sequence Step Instead of a Complete Step in Kartra Email Sequences

A few questions about “Complete Sequence” and “Unsubscribe from Sequence” in Kartra Sequences.

1.) What’s the difference between the two?

2.) If someone reaches the “Complete Sequence” step in a Sequence, can they enter the Sequence again? In other words, is “Unsubscribe from Sequence” necessary if the “Complete Sequence” is already a step at the end?

My goal is to have people go down a particular Sequence every time they buy a certain Product. But I don’t want them to be prevented from entering the Sequence again (the second time around, etc.). 

A Complete step keeps the Lead in that step indefinitely – and would prevent the Lead from going through the Sequence again. 

An Unsubscribe step removes the Lead from the Sequence – and would allow that Lead to go through again. 

Note: Leads can’t go through the same Sequence more than four times in a 30 day period. 

I recommend always using Unsubscribe from Sequence because using Complete plus an Automation to unsubscribe them just adds an extra step. 

And since using Complete by itself keeps them IN the sequence, they can see that when they manage their subscriptions which means they could be seeing sequences from a while ago or a long list of sequences if they are very active with your content. This will often result in the Lead just selecting Unsubscribe from All (and we don’t want that!)

You using an Unsubscribe step to remove them does not hurt your email sender reputation the way it does when they unsubscribe themselves.

And the last reason why I prefer always using an Unsubscribe step instead of a Complete step in Kartra Email Sequences is that when using a Complete step, you aren’t able to see who is actually actively going through the sequence since the number would include everyone from all time. 

When using an Unsubscribe step at the end of the sequence, you will only see the number of Leads currently going through the sequence (which is obviously way more useful to you).



Questions about “Complete Sequence” and “Unsubscribe from Sequence” in Kartra Sequences