How Many Lists to Have in Kartra

Do you recommend adding people to more than one list like Main List and Purchased Product List, Membership List etc.?

Creating Lists in Kartra is a little different than most email service providers, where lists are usually used to group leads together. 

In Kartra, you can think of Lists as a way to segment topics of the emails you will be sending out. 

For example:

  • Main List – Important News and Updates 

  • Newsletter – Weekly Email Tips

  • Course Launch – Great News, the Course is Open for Enrollment 

  • Client List – Coaching Client VIP Updates 

These Lists are based on the topics of the emails that would be sent to the leads that are on one of those Lists. 


What you do not want to do, is to have Lists in Kartra like:

  • Leads Who Haven’t Purchased
  • Opted in For Lead Magnet

In Kartra, you don’t even need to add a Tag for those things. You can literally filter for the leads who haven’t purchased a specific product or leads who haven’t purchased anything. You can also filter for all of the leads who filled out the form for your lead magnet. 

Check out this video below which shows you all of the things you can filter for in Kartra without needing to use Tags or Lists!


But you definitely do not want to have Lists set up for actions that Leads have taken (or not taken) or to group them so you know who did what.

Kartra Lists: Public Description

When naming your Lists (or Sequence), there is the first field (for your reference only) and the second field (the public description).

The public description of your Lists (or Sequence) is what your Leads see. So if they go to unsubscribe will see the Lists and Sequences that they are subscribed to and the name they see will be the Public Description.

So you want to make sure that your Lists are created based on what topics or types of emails you are sending out. And you’ll also want to be sure you are unsubscribing your leads at the end of your Sequences!

To sum up, you want to make sure you have a Primary List (Important News and Updates) and new Leads get added to it early on (so that they are considered an Active Lead) in addition to any List or Sequence that is relevant to what you’ll be sending them emails on. 

Don’t use Lists to group people just for the sake of grouping them. Either filter for them or add a tag. 

And don’t create a List if you have also created a Sequence. Remember that Lists and Sequences are both listed out as “Mailing Lists” in your Lead’s view so if you are creating both then it will look like they are subscribed to something twice and be really confusing (and unnecessary). 


Do you recommend adding people to more than one list like Main List and Purchased Product List, Membership List, etc.?