How can I embed a community forum inside of Kartra membership?

The software or the app that I’m talking about is called UUKI.

At the time of publishing this, it is available on AppSumo for a lifetime deal, starting at $79.00.

It is an alternative to Circle, Mighty Networks, and Facebook Groups.

It’s got a look and interface most like Circle, I would say.

So if you’re using Circle right now and want to skip the monthly bill, moving to UUKI at this lifetime deal will be a huge savings!

UUKI website

Here are some of the features I love about UUKI

You can create Spaces and Space Groups within your Community. 

In Spaces, we can Require Post Approval, Allow Members to Post (or not, if you want to be the only one posting, members can comment), we can Hide Space in Navigation.

We can Auto Post these to other platforms – your Discord or your Telegram if you have those – you can post these to your Twitter. We can change Privacy from Public to Private.


You can Reorder your Spaces. You can put in Links if you have to link to something external. 


There’s Gamification – which is really cool. You have all these levels by default, and you can edit them, you can delete them, change the names, etc. And you can change the level required to get to them.

You have the ability to use API, Webhooks

But what is most important for Kartra users, is the ability to Embed your community right into your Kartra Membership

Select the Community Embed with the <iframe>

You can also just embed a specific Space but I’m going to embed the entire community right into my Kartra Membership

So I’m going to go into Kartra to my Membership, and Launch builder.

In here, I’m going to Add a new Category for Community.


I’m going to create a New post and then inside the post, 

I’m going to use a Custom Code component, drop that in there and paste in that <iframe> embed code. 


And you’ll see my UUKI Community right there inside of my Membership

This is what it looks like for a member of my Inner Circle when they are logged in to the members area.

Members can comment, upload images, add GIFS, etc. 

Your members can post, they can comment to each other. 

It’s a true community, and it’s right inside of your Kartra Membership. 

You can grant access to members within your Community manually, you can invite them via email, or you can automate granting access to them by using Pabbly Connect.

Zapier doesn’t currently have an UUKI integration, but Pabbly Connect, a Zapier alternative, does integrate with both Kartra and UUKI.

You can automate something like “when customer buys product in Kartra, add user in UUKI” or when lead is granted access to membership in Kartra, add user in UUKI

Check out this lifetime deal on Pabbly Connect as well (and save a lot over using Zapier … you’re welcome). 

So there you have it, UUKI.

I definitely think this is a winner.

Let me know if you give it a try!